Africa Fashion Week Designer Kibonen Nfi presents “Multifarious”, for Kibonen ǀ NY, ss2015 collection at the prestigious Art Institute NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


Kibonen Nfi is the brain behind one of Africa’s most original emerging fashion labels, KibonenǀNY, and will be presenting “Multifarious” her SS2015 collection at the coveted Art Institute NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week taking place in the Theatres at Lincoln Center on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 8pm prompt.

 IMG_0177Kibonen’s participation at Mercedes Benz Fashion week comes at the heels of a rigorous audition process organized by the Art Institutes of NYC. As a student at the renowned Art Institute, Kibonen’s designs undoubtedly outshined over 60 of her peers, of who auditioned. Kibonen joins the list of the few designers of African heritage who have showcased on this platform.

IMG_0148In 2009 Kibonen became a force to reckon with when she came up with the ingenious idea to revolutionize the “Toghu, also known as the “royal regalia” worn by the Tikar people of the Bamileke and Bamenda regions of Cameroon, West African. This has been her core signature, blending these traditional prints and symbols with more modern silhouettes and contemporary designs.

In order to further develop her brand vision and how to tap deeper into her creative sphere, the African Fashion International nominee, Emerging Designer of the Year 2013 and Cameroon Academy Awards Winner of Designer of the year 2013, got enrolled into the Art Institute NYC. This journey of learning, networking, mentoring and building a creative family is very deep to Kibonen as she strives to reach the top of the fashion chain. Today creating pieces that not only represent the Cameroonian tribes, but garments wearable and appreciated by the ultra-modern client is Nfi’s goal.

Through her “Multifarious” collection, we go through the representation of rural and royal scenes in a way that can be consumed in the comforts of our daily luxurious lives. Using bright colored authentic African prints as well as creating her own textile designs to Kibonen also portrays the amazing continent Africa is in spite of all odds. 

Kibonen has showcased her talent at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in South Africa – 2012, 2013, and Africa Fashion Week in New York -2011, 2013. She has been featured in BBC- focus on Africa, GQ Style SA, the New African Woman Magazine and her work has been in exhibitions at the National Museum of African Art – Smithsonian Institution. She is currently an intern at Donna Karan Atelier where she works on designs for celebrity clients. Kibonen is very passionate about helping to develop the fashion industry in Cameroon, which she does through the “Made in Camer” Fair Trade apparel manufacturing plant.


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