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A Dime A Dozen

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In honor of 12/12/12 we present to you 12 influential African fashion designers who are putting African Fashion on the map. Click on their names below to learn more about them, show your support for African fashion and shop their collections.
    1. Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)
    2. Kofi Ansah (Ghana)
    3. Mataano (Somalia)
    4. Darryl Jagga (South Africa)
    5. Korto Momolu (Liberia)
    6. David Tlale (South Africa)
    7. Mimi Plange (Ghana)
    8. Duro Olowu (Nigeria)
    9. Aisha Obuobi (Ghana)
    10. Ozwald Boateng (Ghana)
    11. Jewel by Lisa (Nigeria)
    12. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (LDA) (Nigeria)