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Cameroon’s Comeback

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Cameroon iscameroon making a comeback like never before. Dubbed by BCC as one of the most stylish groups at the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Rio many others followed suit to crown Cameroon as best dressed at the ceremony. Decorated with bold, bright colors and symbolic motifs unique to the culture Cameroon’s ensemble signified great joy and unity. The traditional attire and embroidery so emanate to Cameroon spurred up true Cameroon pride re-introducing the powerful status of Cameroon fashion. 

Cameroon continues to be a source of inspiration for its top designers. With influential creatives from the country like Nyorh Agwe, Kibonen NYMaison D’afie, Uzuri Couture, and Liiber London Cameroon will surely no longer be sitting on the sidelines but standing right at the top with the big dogs of African fashion. 







Nyorh Agwe africa fashion 1
Nyorh Agwe



Kibonen africa fashion
Kibonen NY





Maison-dAfie africa fashion

Maison D’afrie



Uzuri Couture Africa Fashion
Uzuri Couture
liberty london africa fashion
Liber London


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