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Allex Kangala: Featured In Inclusion Magazine

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Allex Kangala  was featured in Inclusion magazine; the article was written on May 21st, 2012. Within the article, they were trying to get a sense of whoAlexx Kangala is, and what is the inspiration and meaning behind his line.

” Allex Kangala started in 2003 when he began working with Angolan designers Shunnoz & Tekasala. 2 years   of                         uninterrupted vocation was enough time for him to develop and nurture his own sketches & designs.   Eventually,                           in 2005 he founded Dianthus D’kangala, a brand of classic character, combining a beautiful harmony  with classic                          nobility and refinement“.

Allex Kangala will be showcased  at African Fashion Week 2012 on Saturday July 14th