• Asikere Afana



ASIKERE AFANA (pronounced: ah.see.che.rey  ah.fawna) is a  sensual blend of African-inspired fashion, timeless trends, and curated textiles. Made in Ghana with 100% cotton and fair trade.

When you purchase an Asikere Afana garment, you are enriching the West African economy by contributing to the vibrant tradition of ankara wax print fashion, in addition to supporting local seamstresses and manufacturers through the principles of fair trade.

The meaning behind Asikere Afana translates into ‘sugar machete’ in the Akan Twi language. It is an ode to founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane’s Caribbean roots – her recent ancestors, the Jamaican Maroons, spoke Twi among other African dialects.

Ashley Alexis McFarlane  continues to work towards developing West Africa as a hub for small scale, sustainable, and equitable clothing production for the globe. Ashley is a published poet, documentarian and media practitioner whose work has been featured in CosmoGirl! Magazine, CBC, and Fashion Bomb Daily.


Visit www.asikereafana.com for more info or follow her on Instagram and twitter @asikereafana

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  • Designer: Asikere Afana
  • Country: Caribbeans
  • Inspiration Culture
  • Showcase Year: 2015