Ivy Simmons, graduate of Spelman College and the Vice President of Membership Services and Outreach for the National Business League, Inc. Ivy is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as well as the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College. She is a Senior Fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and has been a board member of the West Atlanta Water Alliance (WAWA). Simmons is a collaborative bridge-builder whose strength lies in identifying and maximizing hidden opportunities, strategic planning, team building and relationship management/client cultivation strategies. Her core strengths and background revolves around donor relationship, fundraising, event marketing/event planning experience.

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Xina Eiland, President and CEO of X+PR, is a visionary leader and recognized authority in multicultural communications and digital media. Xina has her Masters in Health Administration and Bachelors in Communications, both from the University of Michigan. X+PR has worked with numerous and diverse clients such as Digital DC, a national marketing campaign and economic initiative to increase the visibility of Washington, D.C. as a leading community in the innovation and high-tech economy; Ford Motor Company Fund, a nonprofit arm of Ford Motor Company that creates community outreach service programs; Blogalicious, a blogging community that celebrates diversity in digital media; amongst others

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Empower Multicultural Business Owners Across The Globe

Our board and committee members have a vested interest in empowering and connecting with cross-cultural leaders around the world.

Provide Career & Business Expertise To Government Partners and Multicultural Millennials

As a board or committee member you have the opportunity to position yourself as a servant leader to an hyper-engaged audience of government agencies or groups, multicultural millennials and xillennials. Our audience range from Tech/ E-commerce, Art, Cultural, Media, Marketing, Lifestyle and Fashion professionals.

Tap Into Stories That Inspire And Magnetize Media

As a board and committee member you not only share your narrative with our media partners but positively contribute to the narratives of innovators and creative taste makers in E-commerce, Art, Cultural, Lifestyle and Fashion.

Be Honored

As a board and committee member you deserve it. Your time and commitment to our forum will not go unnoticed and certainly not unannounced. We provide at minimum two (2) mentions and placements of your personal or business brand during any part of the event lifecycle: pre-production, production, or post-production. Depending on your needs we can accomplish this through offline or online activities. This includes, however isn't limited to: smoke signals,  social media mentions, press or media mentions, print materials, event announcements etc.


Requirements To Join

Spread The Word. Sustain The Platform.

Our board and committee members are asked to tap into their network and sell a minimum requirement of 25 tickets by August 1st. Tickets to events during Africa Fashion Week range from $175 -$350. This serves as a means of fundraising to subsidize innovative and creative business owner's dreams to participate during Africa Fashion Week events such as trade shows, vendor booths, trade & development classes, etc. It also supports the team of consultants, part-timers, and young aspiring entrepreneurs that work hard to put the event together.

Attend The Event. Host Your Guests

As a board or committee member we not only want to see your amazing faces. Nope. We have gifted you with five (5) Africa Fashion Week invitations for each  day. While our event planners are ensuring the event runs smoothly, we want you to be the HOST OF THE MOST. Spoil your guests with a little attention (of course with our help), and enjoy your time.

Connect and Cultivate Relationships

As a board and committee member your rolodex is powerful and you're not afraid to share that with us. From locations, to catering, to having celebs pop in to say hi- you make it happen and mutually beneficial for all. You're the wikipedia of networking and as important you know how to call in favors from 2000 BC. As we all know, it takes a village to raise a child. But we say, it takes a tribe to elevate socially impactful platforms!

Scrum : Plan & Fail (Fast), Execute, Adapt

As a board and committee member, leading up to the event you'll be encouraged to join other committee members twice a month on our one to two hr calls. On a daily basis we have 30 minute (your choice) tele or digital touch point as a group to ask about progress and if your need any help with anything. Updates are encouraged and are needed to keep the board's passion burning.


Business Development & Partnership Cultivating

As a board and committee member, we're happy that you've decided to leverage your business and partnership relationships to secure resources for the platform. In our effort to support you and honor the time placed behind cultivating those relationships, we will provide 17% commission on any monetary packages secured through partnership and business proposals. A contract will be provided to you at your disposal and all invoicing and reports related to associated transactions will be shared and handled internally by Adiree Company.