House of Mucha pronounced (Muw-chah) was founded and created by Zimbabwean born Lindiwe Muchaneta shortened to LinDi Mucha. As creative director and designer based in Hertfordshire, UK, she strongly identifies with her roots in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. Her designs are historically accurate garments made from timeless vintage sewing patterns following her 70’s decade inspired of designs.

House of Mucha is unique in producing bespoke limited editions of retrospective afro-print garments. Styles comprise of pantsuits, day and evening wear plus separates for women and men who are proud to wear afro-centric garments to connect with a rich African affluence.

As a Legal Compliance Consultant and Human Rights Activist, Mucha also understands the fair trade principle. She practices the principle by creating employment in developing areas to promote sustainable growth. She is also a domestic violence advocate who founded Fungai Domestic violence awareness support a company that supports anyone who faces domestic violence to seek professional support and find alternative accommodation, counseling and help to rebuild education and careers. LinDi is excited to commence her Fashion Design studies at the London School of Fashion.

  • Designer: House of Mucha
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Inspiration: Culture
  • Showcase Year 2015