• Uzuri Couture


UZURI COUTURE [ UW • ZUH • RIY ],  is an encyclopedic fashion & lifestyle brand made in France, precisely in a local atelier in downtown Paris.

Their motto is “tell your story, your way,”  for they believe each individual is unique, and clothing is our way of representing ourselves. In this light each Uzuri Couture customer will wear her or his story proudly and share it with the world.

Flipping through the pages of their website and instagram account, you’ll find stories of qualitative, unique and fashion forward products told by its author (Creative Director and Founder) Audrey Ngo Mbog, a 25 year old autodidact fashion designer. Growing up loving everything fashion and style, she knew that it was part of her future, and in spring 2011 she finally decided to make it her present. Having studied International Business and languages, she has the best of both worlds and blends it with her Cameroonian background. After winning the 1st prize given by Dutch Institute for Fashion and Design, Premsela, at the designer competition organized by Music and Fashion Battle during Modefabriek in Amsterdam in January 2012, she debuted to the Dutch fashion industry. That debut was quickly followed by having Dutch celebrities such as Victoria Koblenko grace social and fashion events, including Amsterdam Fashion Week, in Uzuri Couture pieces. She was also rewarded by winning an award for Outstanding Fashion Designer at a ceremony organized by Afro-Dutch magazine, The Voice, gaining huge (inter)national press coverage in the process.

Having come to life in 2011 in Holland, sourcing its inspiration from Africa and beyond, and being manufactured in France, the brand truly embodies the cosmopolitan life and style. It is designed to take you on a worldwide journey to heavenly luxury, and with Uzuri Couture you’ll exude confidence and strength.

Using the finest materials and paying attention to details such as cut and fit, the label offers affordable luxury and takes pride in designing products for customers that are unique.


Their Story (quick facts) 

  • Founded in 2011 with a singular mission: to merge the Western aesthetic with the African culture and vibrancy, and therefore create an eclectic lifestyle brand
  • Quoted as affordable luxury
  • Infused to produce handmade, timeless, stylish and unique collections for the modern, cosmopolitan customer
  • Focused on entrepreneurship with art, fashion and crafts
  • To add that vibrancy and dynamic which African fabrics are reputed


  • Designer: Uzuri Couture
  • Country: Cameroon
  • Inspiration: Culture
  • Showcase Year: 2015