17 Interior Decorating Secrets That Will Transform Homes

1. Start with a color scheme

Whether it’s a head-to-toe makeover or a simple room redesign, the first step is picking a color palette. Are you going big and bold with reds and yellows? Or clean and classy with simple neutrals? Decisions, decisions.

2. Put statement pieces front and center

You’d love to show off something you love, right? “Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom,” advises designer Bunny Williams.

3. Give your windows a pop of color

Windows are often the most overlooked part of a room – and easily the most overlooked opportunity to make a bold statement. Paint them green to blend in with the landscape, or a bright color that ties in with the color scheme or feel of the entire room.

4. Warm up the room with mirrors

Large sheets of mirror have a tendency to look commercial; rather, try a sectioned pattern in a traditional French style. Perfecto.

5. Sofas are key

Don’t compromise on the sofa. Or worse, postpone investing in a great one until the messy kids have left home. Put your money into a quality, well-made sofa that will last a long, long time.

6. Amplify neutrals with texture

Whilst neutral decor can be interesting, spice it up with a variety of materials. “I use a range – from fine-gauge and open-weave linen to raw silk and taffeta to cotton velvet”, says California-based interior designer, Ohara Davies-Gaetano.

7. Don’t forget the 50/150 rule

For the perfect color family, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker.

8. Don’t cramp up small spaces

You don’t need lots of furniture to keep a space interesting. Opt for more compact, yet still luxurious and roomy furniture, in a smaller living space, and complement it with detailed pieces.

9. Brighten up the ceiling

Designer, Caitlin Moran recommends painting the ceiling a slightly paler version of the wall color, so the room seems brighter, even with just a few windows.

10. Mix, not match, your tableware

Save money and time on matching all your dining table essentials. Look out for a variety of designs and patterns – it’ll look better!

11. Marry gold and silver

“I don’t know why people don’t mix gold with silver more often — they look so smart together,” says designer John De Bastiani. “The key is to use a lot of both; you can’t be shy with one or the other.”

12. With dark color, go big or go home

The key is to paint a strong color on everything, from the window frames to the walls, says New York designer, Garrow Kedigian.

13. Straw rug = perfect basic

You might think of straw as an outdoor textile, but it also works perfectly indoors. “They are the white T-shirt of interior design,” says one expert designer – neutral, but always chic.

14. Pile on the pillows!

The more the merrier, honestly. One pair of pillows tend to look skimpy, but buff it up with an extra pair – in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures – and watch the room come alive!

15. Opt for a transparent glass shower

It will ‘add’ inches to your bathroom! To complete the illusion of extra height, run the floor tiles straight into the stall; it’ll make the room feel larger.

16. Put thought into your mirrors

When hanging a mirror, think carefully about what it will reflect, advises Showers. What you want – and what your room needs – is a great scene, such as a pretty chandelier. Boom.

17. Fake the height of the room with low furniture

With strong verticals (avoid horizontals) like large mirrors, you’ll have everyone thinking the room is much higher than it is!
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