Nine Ankara Print Bonnets You Should Get to Protect Your Hair

It’s always important to wrap your hair at night. You should do so not only to protect your hair but help those natural hairstyles last longer. Don’t be fooled by white women trying to profit off of black culture by creating a $98 silk nightcap. Founder Sarah Marantz Lindenberg caught a lot of flack for trying to start a company like this. If you are going to buy a silk bonnet, try a cute, Ankara print bonnet. Here are some of the companies you should be supporting and putting your money toward.


1. Atiluo on Amazon

2. Royal Head Wraps

Available on Amazon, you’ll be able to get these silk-lined bonnets in two days with Amazon Prime! Definitely worth the get if you ask us!

Buy here

African Print Bonnet


3. has a great selection of products to choose from. They have African silk bonnets in a couple of different colors and patterns.

Buy here

African Silk Bonnet

4. Nkeoma by Ivy and Livy

Another great place to check out some silk bonnets is a shop called Nkeoma by Ivy and Livy.

Buy here

African Print Silk Bonnet

5.Loza Tam

While these are exactly bonnets, they are satin lined turbans. They can definitely keep your hair safe and are super cute!

Buy here

 6. Isoken Enofe

This online shop has everything from clothing to bags to accessories. One of the most notable selections on the website is their wide selection of Ankara print bonnets. At the time of writing this, they have 14 different patterns in stock!

Buy here

African Print Bonnet

7. AffrodivePrints on Etsy

These are relatively cheaper than the rest of the entries on this list. They also have a wide selection of patterns to choose from.

Buy here

African Print Bonnets

8. SkinTrends on Etsy

This Etsy shop has silk-lined bonnets in sizes ranging from baby to adult – just in case you and your mini-me want to practice matching for when you guys get older.

Buy here

African Print Bonnet


9. Printed Bonnet by Ayobe

This site offers different types of bonnets – from sleeping bonnets to shower bonnets They also have turbans available as well!

Buy here

African Print Bonnet

Is there a brand that you love? Let us know which one we should include in our next list.

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