Why We’re Excited About Lagos Fashion and Design Week Here's Why You Should Be Too!

It’s a very exciting time of year – for everyone! From fashion bloggers to photographers, to the lady who just enjoys looking at gorgeous outfits. Aside from the catwalk, it’s your chance to get your best palazzo pants on and attend a few events!

New designers

LFDW is a great opportunity to showcase some of the Nigerian fashion industry’s greatest and most creative. But it also gives new designers a chance to display their work, which is fab, fab, fab.
Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017

The Designs

The clothes, oh, the clothes! From simple designs to the ones which just take your breath away, there’s so much to feed your fashion appetite!

The Beautiful Boss Men and Women

Veterans of the runway and budding (role) models alike, you get the chance to watch beautiful women strut their stuff down the catwalk in amazing clothes!
Lagos Fashion Week

The Photos

You can bet your timeline will be absolutely packed with all the best photos from the events and more selfies than you can handle! Can’t make it to any of the events? No worries! You’ll have a front-row seat, anyway!
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