Festival Looks That Culturally Appreciate Not Culturally Appropriate Africa How Not To Culturally Appropriate 101: Buy from originators or gatekeepers of culture.

We love celebrating cultures in many ways, and for many reasons.
Many were looking forward to wearing culture on their sleeves and more in honor of Essence Festival, Coachella, Broccoli Festival, Oz Festival, and movie: red carpet premieres like African royalty at the Black Panther premiere to the kente cloths worn by CBC members at the State of the Union. We’ve seen more black pride from a style perspective (and as a form of protest) this year than ever before.
 If you want to show your cultural appreciation this summer (yes, I know it’s Festival season), we picked stunning African-inspired or original looks you’ll love and each look is anywhere from $100 – $400. Pick and click through to find your favorite style!

Made in Ethiopia Skirt and Shirt Set

This dress is fun and daring, just the look you’d need at any festival.
Retailer: Adiree.com
Buy here

African Print Ashanti Jumpsuit

Summer is the time to pull out of your best looks and if you’re showing up to the event in this show-stopping jumpsuit, you’ll have all eyes on you!

Genet African Print Faux Wrap Maxi Dress

Festival-goers will not be ready when you pull this look out of your closet! You’ll be looking beautiful and better than ever.
Retailer: D’iyanu.com
Buy here

Chloe Maxi Skirt

This gorgeous skirt will have you feeling summer ready!
Retailer: Kuwala.co
Buy here

Fleeting Asian Inspired Peplum Top

This peplum top has an Asian-inspired flair to it, which makes it so much better! The comfortable material makes it perfect to withstand any type of festival weather.

Retailer: Adiree.com

Buy here

Lela Golden Dress

Dress up or dress down this beautiful African print dress! You can opt for a heeled, strappy sandal or some gladiator sandals, depending on the occasion.
Retailer: Dpipertwins.com
Buy here

Taye Front-Tie African Print Skirt

Mixing patterns is a risky move, but this fashionable maxi skirt is so cute and necessary for any festival wardrobe.
Buy here

Hope Crop Top

Who doesn’t love a good ruffled, dashiki print crop top? This flowy top will definitely be worth wearing in the blistering heat!
Retailer: kuwala.co
Buy here

Afé Dress

Great for any season really, but this pink and golden short-sleeve dress will be a highlight on any festival grounds.
Retailer: afrikrea.com

Destiny Head Wrap

This colorful headwrap will have all your friends and fellow festival-goers asking you where you got this dope head wrap.
Retailer: Thewrap.life
Buy here

Estrella Blue Dashiki Pant Set

Step out in this electric blue dashiki pant set!
Retailer: L’aviye.com
Buy here

Adiree Tunic Wiggle Dress

Try stepping out of this box with this beautiful African print, long-sleeved dress for the next festival that you’re planning on attending!

Retailer: Adiree.com

Buy here

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