37 Lifestyle Brands From Ghana You Need To Know You can thank us later.

When you are looking for affordable luxury brands, eye-catching patterns, and brilliant style, then look no further than the continent of Africa . Known for its acclaimed patterns like Kente and Ankara (wax prints) the people of Africa has blessed the world with their unique styles that drive the western hemisphere wild.

The Motherland has birthed some of the best designers to come from her land, but we want to put a keen eye on the designers of Ghana. Check out our list of Ghanian designers and brands you need to know. You can thank us later.

1. April Rust

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April Rust is a Luxury clothing brand that takes pride in uniquely infusing culture in their creations of timeless pieces for the modern woman.

2. Atto Tetteh

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Atto Tetteh is a young luxuriating brand which provides men all over the world with quality and trendy clothes which has a touch of African aesthetic. With a very careful selection of fabrics, immense attention to detail, they construct clothes that fit and make you look exquisite.

3. Denkyi

They specialize in custom-made shoes and bags. The prime material used is leather and suede with the adinkra symbol.

4. Duaba Serwa

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The garments are made for comfort and simplicity with harmonious lines and a bold palette of colors and fine materials such as glass beads that are woven intricately in different pattern and sizes.

5. Citizins

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Citizins is a Ghanaian-American visual artist whose art includes graphic design, illustration, photography, painting, and textile design. His West African roots are present in each of his paintings, merging with the experience of being Black in America.

6. Eketino

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The brand features colorful and dressy dashikis for men. The color and shapes of the fabrics will feel like butter on your skin.

7. Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald has been transforming menswear fashion for almost three decades with his designs mixed with traditional and international styles.

8. Virgil Abloh

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With a dedicated team focused on the progression of fashion through visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge, he created ‘HYPEBEAST’ whose devotion and commitment has made it one of the premiere online destinations for editorially driven commerce and news.

9. Casely Hayford

Casely’s collection will make you wish your money grew on trees. The pieces are elegant with an accent of silk and knit, which is cut with precision. He has also designed costumes for movies and stage. His clothing line is stocked and sold in prestigious stores like Marc Jacobs, Collette, Barneys, and more.

10. Bee Arthur

Bee Arthur is an illustrious Ghanaian fashion designer whose brilliant career spans over 17 years. Her pieces are electric, and full of life.

11. Mina Evans

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Mina Evans is built on imagination, innovation, excellence, development, and social awareness. She strives to ensure her pieces add value to each client’s lifestyle by creating elegant and stylish designs they instantly fall in love with.

12. Christie Brown

Christie Brown is a Ghanaian based luxury women’s fashion brand which aims to satisfy the stylish urge of the woman seeking a true taste of neo-African culture.

13. Jason Boateng

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Jason Boateng is a Ghanaian UK based stylist turned fashion designer. Jason has worked with celebrities including Will.I. Am, Nicki Minaj, Lola Rae, Yvonne Nelson, Iyanya, Nizzy and many more.

14. Dpipertwins

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper are models, bloggers, and designers based in New York. Celebrities like Angela Simmons, Charli Baltimore, Karen Civil, and more have all been seen rocking their designs.

15. Senyo Foli

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Established in 2007, Senyo Foli is a Ghanaian fashion creator that makes exclusive wear whose policy is to make every client a walking fashion masterpiece. Simple stylish, sexy, strong, sophisticated.

16. Ami Yomekpe

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The brand is renowned for their wide range of stylish and affordable afro-fusion womenswear. The unique blends brought to the collections help them stand out from the crowd.

17. Akataasia

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Akataasia Clothing is a celebration of life and freedom in fashion and the importance of living life and not just existing.

18. Anasimba by Zita

Ready to wear collections are the designer’s signature. She combines different fabrics such as tulle, and silk to create a look of style and grace.

19. Samantha White

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Samantha created Anansi Handbags in 2014. The company’s vision was to bring African-inspired luxury leather handbags to the chic woman who yearns for color and print.

20. Mimmy Yeboah

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Self-taught, New York City-based, designer Mimmy Yeboah, creates exclusive minimal statement pieces for women “on the go”. Her swimsuits are to die for and are made to fit like a glove.

21. Naana B

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The designer’s work is a reflection of her heritage through her colorful and unique handbags and clothing line.

22. Noh Nee

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Based in Austria, the brand is a melting pot of men and women designs. Its accessories collection is also one to marvel upon like its beach towels integrating terry cloth.

23. Racquel Dwomoh

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The designer prides herself on her afro-chic handcrafted line bursting with color, texture, print and intricate patterns. Although constantly pulling inspiration from various sources, the collection is specifically driven by her love for art in all its forms, and her cultural legacy.

24. Loza Maléombho

Established in New York City in 2009 and relocated to Côte d’Ivoire since 2012 where its production takes place, the brand is best described as a fusion between traditional cultures, and sub-cultures and contemporary fashion.

25. Anna Robertson

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YEVU aims to celebrate the vibrancy, color, and chaos of West African wax print and handmade textiles by offering simple and contemporary designs to a wider market for men and women.

26. Della

Tina Tangalakis teamed up with a local entrepreneur to begin Della, a socially responsible fashion line that provides jobs, education and skills training to women and men of Hohoe, Ghana.

27. mSimps

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Mabel Simpson created the Ghanaian design house specializing in hand-made customized accessories that cover everything from handbags to shoes.

28. Zeena Kay

Zeena creates custom, authentic, African fashion designs for every occasion that make all cultures feel connected.

29. Bespoke Binny

The home collection is a melting pot of vibrant colors, and prints. She understands the importance of a good home, and applies it in using warm shades to calm you down.

30. Ode-Adwoa Dombrowe and Rosemary Dede

The innovative designers created Malaika Designs to give fashionistas high-quality products in limited editions. They create beautiful and timeless pieces that are designed to be worn and combined in many ways.

31. Gladberry

The designers manufacture and sell high quality, handmade merchandise. They are expanding the product line every day, and bring to you the culture, style, and craftsmanship of West Africa. The products are uniquely handmade using the very best indigenous materials.

32. Erzumah Ackerson

The designer behind the Bestow Elan unique flair for detail can be recognized in the way she fuses elements of her heritage with technical expertise to create garments that are often described as timeless, feminine and chic.

33.  She by Bena

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The collection is a hymn to all the girly women. Its flirtatious shapes, fabrics, and colors are perfect to make you feel beautiful.

34. Hall of Peters

Hall of Peters is a very successful label based in Ghana but not seen so much around the fashion circuit. The brand has a long list of clients including Miss West Africa International 2013.

35. IK Dorkenoo

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A fashion brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sophistication to create quality and classic Afrocentric wears.

36. Aya Morrison

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Aya Morrison is a fashion line for the modern woman who enjoys embracing her feminity and personal style through bold prints and color. Her bold colors and African prints used on her beachwear will make you instinctively stand out.

37. Ruby Buah

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K.U.A. is Keeping Us Authentic. Ruby’s cosmopolitan chic jewelry line is reminiscent of her experiences in different parts of the world, and her handbags pay homage to her motherland.

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