New York Fashion Week: How to Make the Most of the Week NYFW is around the corner, here's everything you need to know

It’s one of the most exciting fashion events of the year! For fashion lovers everywhere, it’s THE opportunity to see the biggest trends, (quite frankly) ‘pretty-out-there’ designs, and intentionally underdressed fashion designers. This year, NYFW starts on September 6th and will run all the way to the 11th. But you don’t need to be a fashion designer or big-time blogger to join in all the buzz! Here’s how to be at Fashion Week without leaving the couch!

1. Follow the live stream

All the action is just a few clicks away! Visit (or just type ‘NYFW’ into your search engine; that’s pretty much what I did) and catch all the shows in REAL time!

2. Be Fashion Smart

Swap Telemundo for some good fashion TV! For the sophisticated fashion lover, it’s not enough for you to just double tap on a thousand photos of great designs, and pop a few mini-reviews on your timeline. View way-back-when runway shows and see how designers have evolved over the years, or read up insightful commentary about the latest trends. Know your stuff!

3. Follow (a role) model

Following bloggers and fashion photographers can be fun, but there’s a lot about the fashion industry that isn’t talked about too often. One Instagram account to follow is Diet Prada, this helpful Instagram page calls out all of the copycats, predators, and just downright wrong people to be getting mixed up with or supporting in fashion.
Check out when they called out Kim Kardashian for stealing a sunglass design from Emilio Pucci for her own collaboration with Carolina Lemke:


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Hey @kimkardashian , so it’s def not cool to use someone else’s name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as evidenced by your win against @missguided , but should it be ok to use your OWN name and likeness to promote them? Lol. Funny how those SS17 @emiliopucci shades you wore in August 2018 ended up in your eyewear collab with @carolinalemkeberlin that launched in April this year. Hypocrisy at its finest! ✨ • #kimkardashian #kardashian #pucci #emiliopucci #kuwtk #sunnies #shade #sunglasses #eyewear #neon #neongreen #neonyellow #kuwtk #kimkardashianwest #shapewear #carolinalemke #collab #wiwt #ootd #accessories #mfw #milanfashionweek #sunglassesfashion #sporty #missguided #collaboration #lol #dietprada

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Or more recently calling out the predatory fashion photographers Marcus Hyde and Timur Emek:


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@Timur Emek, you may as well delete your account now lol. The New York-based Turkish photographer who has shot for @victoriassecret , is the latest to join the ranks of sleazy, clout-abusing celeb/supermodel male photographers who feel entitled to women’s bodies. Along with the forced crotch-grabbing account from @byhaleybowman , Emek also offered “help” in the industry to @lizamarieju in exchange for “some fun”. His response when asked to clarify? “I am a man… think about it :-)”. 🤢🤢🤢. The photographer also went as far as lying to Turkish model @deniiztekiin in June 2017, telling her that her agency at the time had already approved a topless shoot, which of course didn’t actually happen as he had already been on their agency blacklist of photographers. It’s a relief to know that there are agencies out there that refuse to be complicit and hopefully more will step it up, but for every model with an agency, there are dozens of girls who are navigating independent modeling work on their own. The stories on the rest of the slides are unfortunately all too familiar. #TimesUp for these shitty men. • #model #instagrammodel #timuremek #photographer #model #supermodel #celebrity #predator #creep #victoriassecret #runway #vsfashionshow #modelingagency #alessandraambrosio #candaceswanepoel #vsangel #romeestrijd #clout #lame #womensrights #power #liar #dietprada

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Helpful Tip: All you need to do is follow the fashion world’s new It-Girl, Kendall Jenner on Instagram, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what went down – especially behind the scenes! Ooh, Cara Delevingne is another good one!

4. Rebrand your Twitter feed

Forget your un-fashion-conscious followers for the next 6 days, and start following accounts like @FashionweekNYC, well-known fashion critics and magazine editors. You’ll be super on top of things! Also, don’t forget to use and search the #NYFW hashtag.

5. Street style

Oftentimes, Street Style – bold and fashion-forward clothes worn by bloggers and editors who attended Fashion Week – is more interesting to look at than the runway designs themselves. You get to see every day (sort of) women and men working the latest trends in their own unique way – which is major style inspiration! The Sartorialist – – is a great example of a blog that displays ‘extraordinary’ fashion on the ‘ordinary’ fashionista
Street Style
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