A new generation envisioned by Senegalese Label Selly Raby Kane

The spirit of a new generation is being born that is assertive, rebellious, free spirited, and sophisticated. This is the generation of Selly Raby Kane, a contemporary clothing line created in 2008 by Senegalese designer Selly Raby. These characteristics are vibrantly shown throughout the brand with a strong influence of worldly details. However, the strength of the brand comes from reconceptualizing the recognizable into something quite refreshingly new. Selly Raby’s creations portray a deconstruction of traditional and contemporary fabrics and the result of fusing the two. Patches of ankara print are reapplied as embroidered trims on a skirt or as panel print on the back of a bomber jacket. It is a mix of influences and trends for a unique and uninhibited style with attention to detail and a passion for accessories. 
In this F/W 16-17 collection, called “Sahel Under Waves”,  Selly Raby Kane reconnects a woman with her dreams, and reimagines her interactions with the world through bright colors, high contrasts and surreal embroidery. This collection is an ode to taking a step within and reconnecting with one’s inner architecture which involves childhood, playfulness, and constant motion. From Jacquards and wool to ankara trims and leather fringe the collection is truly a modern rendering of urban afro pop soul ties; strong, colorful, and free. Check out the Look book below
17-03-2016 Srk199301
17-03-2016 Srk199411
17-03-2016 Srk199521
17-03-2016 Srk199633
17-03-2016 Srk199701
17-03-2016 Srk199785
17-03-2016 Srk199796
17-03-2016 Srk199903
17-03-2016 Srk200003
17-03-2016 Srk199469
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Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

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