Kenyan creatives release short fashion film "To catch a dream"

“To Catch a Dream” is a short film created by Kenyan art collective The Nest. The film, written and directed by Niorobi artist Jim Chuchu, ‘To Catch a Dream” tells the story of Ajuma (embodied by iconic Kenyan model Ajuma Nasenyana), a widow whose sleep is disturbed by a recurring nightmare. As medicine is no help, Ajuma follows a friend’s magical remedy and finds herself in the Land of Dreams.


There she attempts to get rid of the nightmare, guided by a set of ethereal characters along the way. However, her plans take a different turn when she discovers that it is her lost love who has been the cause of her nightmares. She then has to choose to either return to reality or stay in this surreal land with her dearly departed.

If this description was not exquisite and dramatic enough wait until you see the costume design! The Nest featured indescribably stunning designs from eight local fashion houses including their in house brand, Chico Leco. Unforgettable brass gold pieces by Kenyan Jeweler Adele Dejak glistened and decorated Ajuma’s beautiful coco skin. 


fashion film africa fashion

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Local Kenyan creative Odupoy Charity Namnyakova designs were also featured in the film climbing off the shoulders and full hips of some of the ethereal characters. The costumes portrayed a side of African fashion rarely seen. Architectural construction and texture replaced prints giving a refreshing new light into the many layers that is African fashion.

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The film won Best Original Music in Berlin International Fashion Film Festival 2015 and showcased at Guggenheim Bilbao 2016 Fashion Film in Africa presentation. We give the Nest Collective Best Costume Award on top of all of that for transporting us into a space and time unimaginable.

Click here to watch the film.


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