Hair Line. Crossed?

Hair politics! It appears, is a common but non-democratic discussion amongst black women. In 2013, Destiny Connect wrote an article about the backlash black women receive when choosing to wear weaves or hair extensions.

This discussion came at a time when Naomi Campbell’s picture of her hair blowing in the wind, revealing her edges was circulating the web. Layers of opinionated comments cascaded throughout the internet, leaving our team pulling our hair back to buckle down for war. We’ve wrapped up our thoughts as follows.

A refreshing and stimulating article about hair; the author provides ‘clips’ of  humor and adds a ‘bundle’ of personal experience, ‘woven’ into the proper places; ending the article with a strong message — in monumental style– with the topic of women empowerment .

As a team of entrepreneurial multicultural women (European, Hispanic, African-American) we believe natural beauty isn’t about how you choose to wear their hair (albeit a gorgeous halo of fro or two pounds of 40 inch, wet and wavy), but about feeling beautiful however you choose to style yourself .

Give us your thoughts and read the article here. 



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