Designed to give back: Christian Louboutin X La Maison Rose ankara print bag

For all of our Akara print fanatics we’ve got something else to add to your list. Popular Italian accessory designer Christian Louboutin in collaboration with La Maison Rose created the “Africaba” tote bag. Embroidered in an elegant cursive font , this soft body bag is dressed in vibrant patches of ankara print, woven panels, and a beautiful beaded leather CL emblem. The bag is finished with  the classic Christian Louboutin red as the lining and leather handles decorated with wooden beads. If the bag was not fabulous enough it is also designed to give back! Ten percent of proceeds from this exclusive style will go to support La Maison Rose, a French charity that provides aid relief to Senegalese women and children. So not only can you give back but you can give back with major style. The response to the collaboration was overwhelming and sold out in a matter of days. It is our hope that this exclusive style comes back and comes back very soon!

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Christian-Louboutin-africa fashion


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