African Fashion Designers Showing During New York Fashion Week 2014 SS15


New York City, September 10, 2014- The runway show during Africa Fashion Week New York was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W 18th St. New York,  NY 10011 on September 6th at 7 PM EDT.  The venue featured a blue carpet, surreal lighting and high gloss epoxy resin floors. People attended this year’s AFWNY runway show to see seven African designers showcase their pieces. Guests were seated along the runway in white chairs as designers showcased their pieces against a regal white backdrop.

With limiting the platform to only 7 – 10 designers from across the continent, this year, Adiree (the team behind the Africa Fashion Week(s) concept)  focused  more on quality designers and meaningful industry-building events during the Africa Fashion Week in New York (Africa Fashion Week).

The overall success and growth of Africa Fashion Week, can be seen from its initiation in 2010- with the proclamation of the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg- through 2014 where we secured  the support and partnership of the United Nations Foundation, along with brands such as Black Opal and Fusion Hair providing backing. All of this contributed to the efforts of increasing awareness of African brands ( awareness which were tracked at  up to 8.5 million views on the platform as of 2012).

As an important additional feature this year,  was the selected  non-profit, Dikembe Mutombo Foundation which was chosen to receive event proceeds, in the creative team’s (Adiree) mission to contribute to the foundation’s movement of empowering quality living through health and education for the people of Congo.

Africa Fashion Week 2014 was unique and special in comparison to the previous editions as the schedule changed from the traditional three (3) days of runway show production to one day of runway showcasing. The major change came in replacing two days of runway shows with a master class at the UN Foundation building, September 4th and then hosting a presentation style event at the Vogt Gallery on September 5th (the following day). 

The Designers:

In addition to the showcase, Issa launched his accessory line Issa by Issa, displaying his luxurious leather pieces that included bags and jewelry at the event.

Anaba Wisdom Chidiebube of Weize Dhurm Franklyn

Anaba Wisdom’s pieces were sleek yet elegantly show off the woman’s body in a way that has the traditional meeting modernity. His pieces were highly detailed in how the pieces were form fitting, long or short, elegant and detailed with gold.

Weize Dhurm Franklyn Africa Fashion Week (4)


Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans of  Eki Orleans

Eki Orleans’ pieces were brightly colored and modern in how she combined materials together in a way that uniquely molds it together. She showcased dresses and a bikini.

 Eki Orleans Africa Fashion Week


Igwedinma Rodney Emeka of Mcmeka

Igwedinma Rodney Emeka showcased 20 pieces of men’s wear with form fitting suits that highlighted the male physique with style. His suits accentuate the masculinity and elegance of the male form.

 Igwedinma Rodney Emeka of Mcmeka Africa Fashion WeekIgwedinma Rodney Emeka of Mcmeka Africa Fashion Week (2)

Khadijah Mouh of Morocco Caftan New York

Khadijah Mouh worked alongside her daughter to showcase men’s and women’s wear. Her stylized caftans were bold in color creating a fun feel to her clothes. Her style for women was long and flowy with her signature hand embroidered detailing on the bodice.


Khadijah Mouh of Morocco Caftan New York Africa Fashion Week 

Tiagbe of Kososhi

Taigbe’s pieces were showcased featuring simple, 1950’s silhouettes. with colorful and patterned designs, fitting for the workplace or an elegant evening out in town. 

Tiagbe of Kososhi Africa Fashion Week (1)

Sally Karago of Mcensal

Sally Karago showcased 10 pieces that featured traditional African (Kenyan)  fabrics like Kikoi with a complement of beaded jewelry accentuating the pieces.

 Sally Karago Africa Fashion Week (18)

Hilda Mauya of Dahil Republic of Couture Fashion House

Hilda Mauya showcased her elegant couture pieces that accentuate the woman’s features with style and elegance. Her detail on the long dresses could be seen throughout and her meshing of traditional African fabrics with linen and cotton or dry lace was evident in all her pieces..

Dahil  Republic of Couture Africa Fashion Week


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