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Senegalese Designer Uses Math to Create Swimsuits

Africa (Senegalese) Fashion Designer Diarra Bousso’s latest SWIM Collection titled: I N F I N I T Y has launched around 3:30 AM (New York, New York) today. We took an exclusive dip into her campaign video, images, and look book. Bousso whose academic background is in Mathematics, plays with the concept of combinatorics and optimizations to create a line of engineered digitally-printed indigo swimsuits.

Access to Accessories. Jewelry Designer Maureen Vorswijk of Mauke V

Jewelry designer Maureen Vorswik, founder of the Fashion Startup Mauke has an amazing craft: the abitility to create intricate necklaces and chokers that adorn your neck with a natural elegance. Pieces are made from sterling silver, 14 kt gold, a variety of hand picked gemstones from Africa and natural material as leather cords . Her collection includes: handcrafted and hand-polished jewelries, handmade headpieces and feather necklaces. Her work has been crowned by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and coveted by fashion bloggers.

Asos Africa : Fashion Must Haves

Tis the season for maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and wide leg pants. And we’re bringing you a list of must-have trends and styles from Africa, compliments of our partnership with Asos! From the runways of Asos into our closets, here are pieces you need (em em, aka you may want to wear to New York Fashion Week Africa 2016 in September). These styles are part of the Eco Edit, by ASOS Africa Made in Africa Collaboration with Chichia and their partner SOKO Kenya.

Disrupting Narratives & Creating Communities In Style

Cut off (verb): the act of stopping the movement or supply of something.

Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

Cutoffs (noun): short pants that are made from long pants by cutting off the legs at the knees or higher.