African Fashion Swimwear: Dip Into Print

Our temperature is rising. We’ve delved into a sea of designer catalogues, whose swimwear designs raise our temperature and have us aching for a dip into any body of water. Here are a few designs that are inspired by Africa or designed by African designers. Listen,  you may want to add these items to your pool of “must-haves” for the summer.


Andrea Iyamah is a clothing line strongly inspired by color and ethnic culture. Enriched with a very sexy retro-boho vibe, Nigerian designer Dumebi Iyamah creates collections that will definitely stop the show.


Okun is a London based brand made for the vibrant ones, who love life and celebrate adventure and discovery.


Lalesso is an exclusively summer lifestyle label made in Kenya and South Africa. The unique silhouettes and print savvy designs are effortless and a fresh take on classic swimwear.


Nakimuli is quite the sassy brand! Made for the bold and daring forward thinking woman, Nakimuli aims to go beyond the traditions of womenswear. Embrace love of self at any size with these vivacious designs.


Bantu is a socially conscious brand created and produced in Africa. The brand seeks to spread the joy of African beach culture globally through funky wax prints and some seriously good vibes.






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