Cameroonian-American brand NYORH AGWE promotes individuality

As a Cameroonian- American nomad, Nyorh Agwe knows a thing or two about losing self and why it is so important to find it. She states, ” Way too many people try to tell you who you are or ought to be and often that definition starts with appearance.”

Nyorh Agwe has been manipulating fashion as a way to explore herself and the environments that feed her identity. From her explorations her creations become very personable and much more than just materialistic. With a core vision in multi-functionality, her designs give her wearer a chance to create themselves. Take for example a bonded Linen Wrappa from the NA15 “M’ba M’etta- We the Metta People” Collection. The wrappa can be worn in four different styles; as a wrap skirt, an empire skirt, a strapless dress, as well as a cape. The diversity of the collection allows one to not only be their own trend setter, but the ultimate composer of their identity.

“A culture is its People and a People are their culture. If you can alter one you will alter the other. Dress is a part of culture. Who knows, maybe fashion can be an outlet to liberate us all.” – Nyorh Agwe

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