Access to Accessories. Jewelry Designer Maureen Vorswijk of Mauke V

Jewelry designer Maureen Vorswijk, founder of the Fashion Startup MaukeV has an amazing craft: the ability to create intricate necklaces and chokers that adorn your neck with a natural elegance. Pieces are made from sterling silver, 14 kt gold, a variety of hand picked gemstones from Africa and natural material as leather cords . Her collection includes: handcrafted and hand-polished jewelries, handmade headpieces and feather necklaces. Her work has been crowned by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and coveted by fashion bloggers. Her design experience thus far has included the launch of her first collection Afrik & Silver  during her premier showcase at London fashion week. The collection was well received, boosting her self-confidence as a jewelry designer. She has also made miniatures for collectible fashion dolls inspired by designs of my collections.

To shop her pieces visit : and shop!shop-1/z0lil

To register and receive deals, giveaways announcements, and other updates sign up for her newsletter. Take a look at a few pieces below. EAR CUFFINGS Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION8 CUFF : RAVEN  Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION6 CUFF : ALTER EGO Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION5NECKLACE : CHOKER ROXY  Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION7 NECKLACE : CHOKER DOMINIQUE  Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION2   NECKLACE : CHOKER BROCANTE  Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION-NECKLACE : CHOKER RAVEN Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION3  NECKLACE : CHOKER TANGO  Maureen-Vorswijk-of-Mauke-AFRICA-FASHION-AFRICAN-FASHION4  

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