Curing the Economic Crisis With Shoes and Bags

While the majority of the world is still in an economic disaster, the ones in Africa, at least in the online sales area, are experiencing some growth.  Many experts are even calling for investment in the African online retail market.  Last year in  South Africa online retail experiences a 30% growth and reached four times the rate of physical retail.  Online shops such as My Asho which strive to bring local African fashion to a global scale are receiving more sales year after year.  Creator, Dolapo Shobanjo, stated that half of the business of My Asho comes from outside of Africa due to a few reasons, “First, Africans are scattered all over the world and so get very excited about being able to purchase items they can only access when they visit home… And second, the pieces we sell are just so attractive. Non-Africans, or people without that direct link to Africa, are just excited to buy unique pieces that are not available anywhere else.”  If this economic growth continues maybe Africa will be able to pull the rest of the world out of crisis.

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Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

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