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We’ve seen many up-and-coming brands recently trying to bring African fashion to the forefront in an effort to boost the economies of some struggling countries in Africa.  All of them employ creative designers, use brilliant traditional fabrics, and really make you appreciate the craftsmanship of their work, but not all of them have ventured into the area of shoe design.  As an avid shoe lover and collector I was very excited to discover the brand SEphA.  SEpha was founded by Miss Sefakor Gbewonyo in Ghana and although they do carry clothing and accessories they focus on their stunning footwear line.  Thus far, the company has operated solely online, reaching customers on an international level and growing by the minute.  Their mission, “to make the Ghanaian brand stand out internationally. We’ll wear what we produce to look fabulous!”  And fabulous is definitely the perfect way to describe their vibrant sandals, and adorable comfy flats.  The best part is that they’re not over-the-top expensive.  In fact they’re very affordable.  Check out their full collection at the SEpha site here.

Source: SEpha

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