Kickin' It Old School: Young Reza Nyc Brings Afro-Punk Garments to NYC

From varsity jackets to 5 Panel hats, to the young and trendy, this seems to be the new, hip, and trendy style. Taking inspiration from old school classics such as the varsity jacket, The sportswear-resembling urban wear combined with African print gives the collection a new and appealing aesthetic considering that African Print modern wear has become a trend in the past year or so. Described to be an “Afro-Punk inspired line that fuses contemporary and traditional African prints with athletic cuts and designs to form a new visual aesthetic for men and women,” what’s great about Reza’s designs is that you can mix these african print embodied garments with urban wear and other brands that don’tt have print (as seen in their lookbook videos).

Stated in another press, “The genre that Reza most identifies with in his collection is Afro-Punk.”

I personally love Reza’s fashion forward designs! Not to mention the affordability!

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