Oscars 2013 Rachel Mwanza wears African Designer Nadir Tati Red Carpet

Dress by Africa Fashion Week designer Nadir Tati at the Oscars tonight was worn by Rachel Mwanza , actress of “War Witch“, a film nominated as Best Foreign Language. Just days before the Oscars, Rachel Mwanza had obtained a visa from the Democratic Republic of Congo based on the film’s award nomination, in which she plays a child kidnapped and enslaved to a life of guerilla warfare.  Before becoming a star, the young actress was living in the streets of Congo where she was discovered in a documentary called Kinshasa Kids by the “War Witch” team.  Since being cast in the film her life has dramatically changed from having a home and education paid for to winning an Oscars nomination. On the red carpet, she was all dolled up in a custom gown made up of red and yellow African print designed by Nadir Tati, whose designs appeared at last year’s Africa Fashion Week.
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