Somalian Model Lights Up Flare Magazine Editorial

The Somalian stunner, Yasmin Warsame, has been a hot commodity and is being featured in a variety of fashion magazine, with the cover of YYZ Living and most recently she can be seen in an editorial for the January issue of Flare Magazine
The shoot was titled “Dress Rehearsal” and has an very old Hollywood, glamorous feel to it, but Warsame’s futuristic, cotton-candy colored hair gives it a modern spin. For “Dress Rehearsal” the model was dressed up in gowns of lace and tulle and adorned with big chunky jewelry and gorgeous eye-catching baubles. See the behind the scenes footage of the fabulous shoot with the video below.

Hair & Makeup: Tony Masciangelo

Fashion Director: Elizabeth Cabra

Photographer: Andrew Soule

Source: Farai Today


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