The 80's Call : Designer and Stylist Gema Siveroni From Madrid Inspired by African Fashion

Gema Siveroni: fashion designer and stylist from Madrid who’s brand is violently vibrant and textured is in the African 80’s.  Africa 80’s, Siveroni’s campaign showcases her use of fabrics and textures, shapes and colors; as weapons for the fashion-able, who are all about artistic expression and are in search of an creative outlet.

Her current campaign, Africa 80’s is a rave in the jungle, where she plays with colours, attitudes, and identities.  We’ve plugged into her loud speakers and are tuning everything else out. Africa 80’s – a modern flash of the continent that gave birth to the human party.  DJ, spin that record and bump to this interview.

1_ What is African Fashion to you ?

African Fashion inspires me. It evokes deep culture.As I see it, African Fashion conveys strength, race, color, volume…. contrary to the simplest styles so much used nowadays.

2 _ Describe Who You are as a designer

As a designer and fashion stylist, I have always see it as an artistic way of expression.  I like to set challenges:  get two completely different concepts and mix them into one and of course, make it my own challenge.  I like to get involved in the whole process:  from managing it as stylist, to the more detailed designing, up to tailoring it myself.  My dedication and control over the process is such that I think it may be translated into illness!!

3_. What advice do you have for upcoming designers?

An advice that I have discovered as a real fact:  Do not ever give up since we have chosen a very competitive field.  Once you reach the top, do not forget how wonderful it was to meet this goal.  You better learn how to enjoy it.   I am building my brand for the future.  I feel this is the most wonderful stage of the project. I am not yet at the top, but I am enjoying  every accomplishment.


4_. What makes your brand different from other fashion brands?

Gema Siveroni is a mixture of current times, the trend of the eighty´s and African inspired clothing.  Turbans, printed fabrics, coloured fabrics, more geometric cuts, straight skirts and incredible high heels.


5_. What Celebrities Would you Like to Dress (Local or National)

Undoubtedly, Erikah Badu and Algebra Blessett.  They are very glamorous.  However, I can say that I admire Belen Bembe.  We started taking quick promotional photographs of her, as a model or the face of Gema Siveroni.


6_ Where can we purchase your designs? My web :


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