Travel African Style, With Zim Ugochukwu. The Nigerian Travelista

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This ankara print suitcase is certainly our travel companion of the year, but an even BETTER companion would be Travel Noire’s founder Zim Ugochukwu. Upon landing, and arriving at, we read her story, evaluated our audience, and were forced to see our community as a fusion of Travelistas and Fashionistas alike whose  common thread was the desire to experience lifestyle through creativity and culture.

Ijinle Africa – an online portal which was born out of a passion to tell a different story about Africa, recognized the need to provide a portal that showcases the heterogeneous investments  Africa has made around the world, irrespective of the challenges of its emerging process. 

In Zim’s story she mentions what’s it like building Travel Noire- a powerful travel portal,  having Oprah as her inspiration, apps she loves, and her adventures.








Leave your baggage behind (and free your mind), take a first class seat, fasten your seat belts, and check out the interview on the global story platform called: 


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