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New York City, January 31, 2014 – Adirée Public Relations (PR) announces the accomplishment of client, Nigerian  Actor | Model | Host,  Gbenro Ajibade.  Key actor in M-NET’s Tinsel (a famous Nigerian soap opera) lands the cover of Linger Magazine’s Debonair Issue as the “Regal Gentleman.”

Image - Jan 31, 2014 04.04.17Linger is a monthly digital digest that covers content from international culture to runway shows.  It is also labeled as a “Digital Fashion Magazine You Should Know” by the online PR  resource leader PR Couture.  Since 2006, the PR community has been relying on PR Couture for fresh insight, job leads, and strategic counsel.

Originally a model, Nollywood (Nigeria’s Hollywood) actor Gbenro Ajibade began his film career as Soji Bankole on the popular show Tinsel in the year 2007; he continued to generate interest ever since.  This past year among other shows, he re-launched his international modeling career by walking for designers Bill Witherspoon (New York), Maze Couture (London), and Sana Redwani (Morocco) during Africa Fashion Week New York.  Ajibade also won ‘Most Outstanding Actor Model’ at the Nigerian Model Achievers Awards in 2011 and is a nominee for the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2014.

Ajibade is a part of the generation of young African actors who continue to emerge in the entertainment industry.  Big screen names like Lupita N’yongo, Idris Elba, and Djimon Hounsou are taking Hollywood by storm, making it the century for the rise of African thespians.  Today, you see these influentials from Africa receiving awards at recognizable events such as the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.  Even at the Grammy Awards (this passing Sunday) African artists like Femi Kuti, have made their mark and influenced today’s entertainment industry.

Global Fashion Houses and International Media Houses have both tapped into the star power of African actors and actresses by crowning them as the face or cover of their products. From  N’yongo’s cover in Elle Magazine to  Ajibade’s cover and three page spread in Linger Magazine, the presence of Africa’s creative leaders is increasing in the western world.

Ajibade’s spread in Linger Magazine, isn’t limited to his feature as an African (Nigerian) starlet, but also nods to the African Fashion and Creative Industry as a whole. Ajibade’s spread features him wearing men’s fashion tops (polos and sweaters) from Ghanian Fashion House 54 Kingdoms, accessories by KojoCode, and tailored suits from Kenya’s Fashion Design label Blackbird Designs– with each photograph captured by Nigerian Lead photographer and Founder Ada Emihe  of Avaloni Studios.

The director’s of the shoot, Adirée PR was founded in 2009 by Nigerian-born Adiat Folashade Disu.  Adirée PR Image - Jan 31, 2014 03.53.12continues to support the global growth of Africa and its leaders.  One of the company’s goal is to create a gateway into the US for African based businesses or related brands by providing communications and branding services.  Through strategic partnerships, thought-leadership events, and digital communications the next emerging leaders from Africa can be introduced globally, luxuriously ( ) .

With the motto: Luxury Brands Focused Globally and  under  Disu’s auspices, AdiréeTM  focuses on re-branding Africa, as a destination for luxury brands, and has taken exclusive brands from Africa and placed them on nationally esteemed and recognizable stages via placements .The result: increased awareness of African fashion by 8.5 million views; $300 K+ generated in financing for African designers and artisans, to showcase in the U.S;  media such as CNN International ( CNN Interviews),  Los Angeles Times , Destiny Magazine (South Africa), Elle  (Bulgaria), Black Enterprise,  Washington Post, and Huffington Post exposing emerging luxury brands from Africa. Through partnerships, quality productions, campaigns, and media placements Adirée is establishing the way consumers should view products from Africa (i.e. Made in Angola, Made in Zimbabwe, or Made in Nigeria)   (

Image - Jan 31, 2014 03.54.45About Gbenro Ajidabe:

African (Nigerian) actor, model, and television presenter; Ajidabe has received much critical acclaim for his work in the MNet Series, ‘Tinsel’.  Ajidabe plays the character, ‘Soji’ Bankole’, Ziggy’s bartender and aspiring photographer and the very protective boyfriend of ‘Telema Duke’.  He started off his career as a model in 2005 shortly after graduating from the University. He has graced hundreds of runways including Africa Fashion Week in New York.  He has been a notable face on Billboards, TV commercials, press adverts and more and was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Actor Model in the Nigerian Model Achievers Awards 2011.


About Linger Magazine:

A monthly publication dedicated to celebrating every beauty industry art form with images and content that provides a unique view on fashion. Every issue features stimulating visuals that linger, providing an experience that continues to replenish the thirst for beauty and satisfy the hunger for undeniable artistic flair.

Launched in May 2010, Linger has gained validation from certified industry organizations, such as FOLIO and The Fashion Model Directory. PR Couture featured Linger as one of “8 Digital Magazines You Should Know” in 2013. Niche Media named Linger as ‘One of the Top Ten niche publications of 2012’.

Known for supporting emerging talent, Linger is a highly sought-after platform for aspiring fashion designers and models seeking an interactive home for their unique flair of creativity, due mostly in part to several fashion initiatives Linger has established.

About 54 Kingdoms:

An apparel and accessory company that brings the Pan-African creative, history and culture to the doorstep of global fashion. By paying close attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, 54 Kingdoms serves the cool, common and sophisticated. At 54 Kingdoms, we just don’t dress to IMPRESS, but to EXPRESS culture, pride and identity. In 2010, 54 Kingdoms EXPRESSed their  message in  their debut at Africa Fashion Week New York. 

About Blackbird Jeans:

Fashion label by duo—nicknamed “Syd” and “Zeddie”—launched Blackbird Jeans in 2008, with the desire to change the way the world looked at African fashion and the way Kenyans viewed their own style. Known for mixing bold prints and patterns, Syd and Zeddie create aesthetically challenging collections that pair earth tones and vertical stripes, with ankara and plaid fabrics similar to those traditionally worn by East Africa’s Maasai tribe.  In 2011,  Blackbird Jeans presented their signature style to the U.S. for their debut at Africa Fashion Week New York.

B5About Adirée:

The premier communications and branding firm, leading in public relations and promotions in New York for African  and Global business leaders in multiple industry segments, from entertainment to fashion, politics, media, and government sectors. Known as a fully integrated communications and brand strategy company, based in New York, but also known Nationally as:

  • “Communications And Branding Agency That Understands The Business Of  The African Fashion Industry” FORBES
  • “Everyday Heroes: Young Entrepreneur Promote Economic Growth In Africa through Fashion” Black Enterprise
  • “New York Based Agency Showcasing African Designers To A Global Audience” Video CNN International
  • “Luxury Marketing Boutique Company With A Cultural Twist ” Washington Post


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