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If you would like to try something new or you just want to rearrange your style a bit, check out (5) of our favorite African fashion trends.  Don’t be afraid to try something new!

 1.       High Dress Slits

Whether it’s a maxi or an evening gown, add a little spice to your dress with a high slit on either leg.

Designs by (in order): Farai Simoyi and Catherine Addai



2.       Short Necklaces

We LOVE short necklaces! Try pairing yours with a plunging neckline for a dramatic effect.

Designs by (in order): Sana Redwani and Cinnamon & Pearl


3.       One-armed Dresses

Ah, the sweet combination of strapless and strapped dresses! These are definitely a choice for cocktail parties.

Designs by: Cinnamon & Pearl


4.       Evocative Garments

We adore this trend because another thing that we love is dressing for a cause (the first garment below is upcycled and the other uses fashion as an aesthetic to raise awareness).

Designs by (in order): MIA and Aliakim


5.       Color Block Suits

We like how men have stepped up and stepped out in suit sets with color.  How do you feel about it?

Designs by: Francis Hendy


Omoefe Ajueyitsi


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