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QandAfricaQ&Africa brings to you, Maze couture! Maze Couture  is a UK based African designer whose brand has become synonymous with the finest bespoke kaftans, shirts, trousers, dresses and blazers. Their bespoke designs are definitely “one of a kind”.  Each outfit is tailor-made and created exclusively for you with coordinated embroidery. All bespoke outfits are designed to suit your shape and height perfectly.  We love the futuristic look that Maze Couture has, and how it’s ethnically inspired.









What is your brand’s production process? (i.e. Do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives?)

Maze Couture: First the pattern is cut out into the desired fabric, shape and style. The embroidery is applied to the parts of the fabric. The embellishment has to be stitched on one by one, it is all hand processed and is all produced in the UK. Each order is handled personally by the creative director to ensure that all our clients get the expert attention and customer service they deserve for a completely bespoke creation. Embroidery and professional finishing is used to top off your piece with your name written all over it!



What makes your brand luxurious? 

Maze Couture: Our bespoke designs service (which most of our clients go for) guarantees the creation of a stunning “one of a kind” outfit made exclusively for you, of the finest quality with coordinated embroidery. Embroidery and professional finishing will be used to create a stunning creation with your name written all over it. Maze Couture signature style collection is F.U.T.U.R.I.S.T.I.C!!! With designs inspired from ethnic, native, exotic, cultural and traditional fabrics.



Where are you from? How has this influenced your designs?

Maze Couture: I am a Nigerian, and the rich, colorful, daring, effortless culture influences my designs. Nigerians like good things and looking good is exceptionally important to us and that is something that I love delivering to each and every client because when you look good you feel good and that confidence shows.




You can purchase Maze Couture here: http://www.mazecouturefashion.com/

Follow Maze Couture on Twitter @: mazecouture

Maze Couture Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maze-Couture-London/114937618573696?fref=ts



Omoefe Ajueyitsi


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