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Q & Africa | Farai Simoyi

Farai Simoyi was born in London, England, the child of Zimbabwean parents. She lived in…

Q & Africa | Maze Couture

Q&Africa brings to you, Maze couture! Maze Couture  is a UK based African designer whose…

Q & Africa | Sana Redwani

Today’s Q & Africa is about AFWNY 2013’s Designer: Sana Redwani.  Today, Sana Redwani has…

Q & Africa | Tee's Designs

Also a full-time Medical Technologist, Taibat Lawal is the brain behind the blossoming brand, Tee’s Designs.  Taibat began creating/designing clothes…

Q & Africa | Cinnamon & Pearl

 Powered by Nigerian mogul Ugonna Ibe, the exquisite brand Cinnamon & Pearl is a gorgeous visual depiction…

Disrupting Narratives & Creating Communities In Style

Cut off (verb): the act of stopping the movement or supply of something.

Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

Cutoffs (noun): short pants that are made from long pants by cutting off the legs at the knees or higher.