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 Powered by Nigerian mogul Ugonna Ibe, the exquisite brand Cinnamon & Pearl is a gorgeous visual depiction of a confident, classic, and chic woman.  Ugonna’s curiosity of fashion began to pique at a young age while watching her mom develop her own clothing line.  The Washington D.C. native was first educated in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to London to complete secondary school.  She then obtained her Bachelors of Science from The University of Texas (San Antonio) and her Masters in Sustainable Development from Harvard University – all the while developing the skills of sketching and painting with acrylic and oil.  Since Ugonna was exposed to the trends and elements of three different countries, she has a well-rounded sense of what her targeted woman prefers.  After a life-threatening accident in 2010, Ugonna reunited with the things that truly make her happy; art, philanthropy, and fashion.  Committed to women’s empowerment, Ugonna Ibe serves as the liaison and International Program Coordinator for The Development Initiative for African Women (www.difaw.org).   




Her life isn’t the only thing that’s amazing, take a look at her collection below!  The two elements of the brand are Cinnamon and PearlCinnamon is known as the woman who’s spicy and audacious, and Pearl is the romantic and flirty sweetheart.  Each of Ugonna’s pieces is crafted with excellence!      




AFWNY.com: What is your brand’s production process (i.e. do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives)?


Cinnamon & Pearl (CP): Our garments are manufactured in Nigeria “Made in Nigeria


Cinnamon & Pearl
Cinnamon & Pearl


AFWNY.com: What makes your brand luxurious? 

Cinnamon & Pearl (CP): My brand is luxurious because it accentuates the uniqueness in every CP woman; her confidence, elegance, and impeccable taste. The most important luxury is the CP woman. 


Cinnamon Pearl
Cinnamon & Pearl


AFWNY.com: Where are you from? How has this influenced your designs?

Cinnamon & Pearl (CP): I am a Nigerian-American. Born in DC but raised in England and have been living in America for the past few years. My exposure to the trends and cultural elements of three different continents gave her unique insight on the looks that women prefer. My designs are not overworked instead they exude a cool nonchalance without any loss of inspiration and character. 


Cinnamon & Pearl
Cinnamon & Pearl

Catch Cinnamon & Pearl’s Every Move On Their Blog: http://cinnamonandpearl.tumblr.com/

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by Omoefe Ajueyitsi


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