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Also a full-time Medical Technologist, Taibat Lawal is the brain behind the blossoming brand, Tee’s Designs Taibat began creating/designing clothes and jewelry after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology.  She then launched her accessory line in the year 2012 after obtaining her Masters in Biotechnology.  Taibat Lawal is firm when it comes to the fact that fashion has a pattern and continues to revolve on the axis of what we call time.  This is what has been her driving force, allowing her to stand tall among her competition.  The quality, uniqueness, variety in design, and pricing of products also serve as Tee’s Designs’ core competencies.





AFWNY.com: What is your brand’s production process (i.e. do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives)?

Tee’s Designs: The first step is sketching my designs; second, I conduct production tests until I’m satisfied with the end result. The actual production is carried out by myself and a team of women that I’ve personally instructed; they are contracted through the International Rescue Committee Dallas, thereby empowering refugee women here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.











AFWNY.com: What makes your brand luxurious?


Tee’s Designs: All our designs are handmade, enabling each product to have individuality and to be unique.  Each piece is made from West African fabric; more specifically, Ankara.


AFWNY.com: Where are you from? How has this influenced your designs?

Tee’s Designs: I’m from Nigeria.  The bold patterns of the Ankara fabric add a one-of-kind, authentic look to my designs.




You can purchase Tee’s Designs here: http://www.teesdesigns.com/

Follow Tee’s Designs on Twitter @: Teesdesigns

Tee’s Designs’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Teesdesigns


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