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   AfricasTopFive Whether it’s reading up on your favorite celebrity’s most recent venture, catching up on politics, or learning this season’s trends, we all have made magazines an essential part of our lives.  Today, fashion magazines are developed all over the world!  If you’re a true fashion guru, you’re constantly curious about fashion activity around the globe; so one of your main tactics to stay aware is to read fashion magazines and that include content from different countries.  For the best on African fashion, we picked our top (5) magazines (published in Ghana and the United Kingdom) that have become our essentials. 








1.      FASHIZBLACK Magazine

It would be a great understatement to say that FASHIZBLACK Magzine has put the vibrant continent [Africa] on the map.  We LOVE this magazine because it stands like the very much desired Vogue Africa.  It’s clean, hot, supreme, and most of all, it’s your all-around elaborate fashion magazine.  It has everything from the latest on Mozambique Fashion Week to the Outfit of the Day.


FASHIZBLACK Website:      




2.      A R I S E Magazine

Without a given, we adore A R I S E Magazine.  The A R I S E brand continues to grow each day; whether it’s through their television platform A R I S E TV (of which we were honored to appear on: their blog, or their magazine.  We love this magazine because despite how prestigious they continue to become, the substance is still authentic and appealing; capturing high-quality content but still focusing on giving everyone a voice through ‘Meet Me’s’ and ‘Behind the Scenes Interviews’.    


A R I S E Magazine
A R I S E Magazine

A R I S E Website: 

A R I S E Facebook: A R I S E Twitter:@ARISEmagazine  




3.      FAB

This magazine withholds nothing but headlining content about the who’s and what’s in Africa.  We love FAB Magazine because it’s fun and fresh!


FAB Magzine
FAB Magzine

 FAB Magazine Website:

FAB Magazine Facebook: FAB Magazine Twitter:@fabafricanblack 




4.      GLiTZ AFRICA

Mostly known for its fashion week (GLiTZ Fashion Week) in Ghana, GLiTZ AFRICA Magazine is full of celebrity scoops and amazing fashion spreads.



GLiTZ Magazine
GLiTZ Magazine

GLiTZ AFRICA Website: 

GLiTZ AFRICA Facebook: 

GLiTZ AFRICA Twitter: @glitzafrica






CANOE is a very laid-back publication with artistic covers and refreshing narratives. What we thought was unique about CANOE was that each issue of the magazine is accompanied by a launch party. 


CANOE Magazine
CANOE Magazine

  CANOE Website:




by Omoefe Ajueyitsi


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