Africa’s Top Five: African Fashion Magazines



Fashizblack is an Afro-oriented magazine with a global outlook. You can find anything closely or loosely related to fashion from street wear to catwalk trends and also advice from fashion industry experts. The content is sometimes sarcastic, bold and always has a straight tone. It speaks to people who accept both their African descent roots and their interest in Western culture.  Are you Fashizblack?

gen mag

Genevieve Magazine was launched in Feburary 2003 and has been the leading lifestyle magazine for women, advocating strong cancer awareness over the past seven years. It is a global magazine that introduces a culture of better lifestyle, self-improvement and self-empowerment in all women. They hold the hottest fashion and upscale events that relates to entrprenuer development and how to improve your social life.


Winkler Magazine is an emerging publication located in Paris that was launched in March of 2011. Winkler is dedicated to showcasing and embracing black beauty as it relates to fashion.  It is an online magazine uploaded on Issuu that allows you to print the magazine from wherever you’re located.


New African Women Magazine is one of the magazines from IC Publications that have spiraled around the internet with such grace displaying tastefully diverse beauty with elegance and sophistication. Their mission is to inspire rather than impose, expertly advise rather dictate and portray diverse beauty rather than cheapen it.


FAB (Fabulous, Black, African) is a fashion & lifestyle magazine that showcases the fabulous nature of African Fashion and it’s noteworthy achievements. It is produeced quarterly that’s intended for the young, urban, professional male & female and those aspiring to be like them. The magazine brings the unexpected and unimaginable creative, quality and consistent African content.



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