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POST PRESS RELEASE:  Harvard Africa Business Conference – African Fashion Opportunities and Challenges

February 19th, 2013- Boston, MA- Adiat Disu, the President of Adiree (a communications and branding firm in New York), who produces Africa Fashion Week held in July, annually supported by Mayor Bloomberg; along with West African designer Ituen Bassey, East African designer Ally Rehmtullah  and Founder of Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified apparel factory Chid Liberty of  Liberty & Justice spoke about challenges and opportunities related to Africa’s emerging retail culture and fashion goods on February 16, 2013 (The Economics of the African Fashion Industry: Current Opportunities & Challenges), during the 15th Annual Harvard Africa Business Conference,  held from February 15th-17th, 2013.

The panel explored the African fashion industry by thoroughly examining each step of the value chain, current incentives and key considerations around local versus outsourced production to achieve cost competitiveness.

“In order for African Fashion to succeed the fabric of Africa’s manufacturing and supply chain , the thread of Marketing and Public Relations and the pattern of Retail must be adapted to fit the needs of emerging designers from Africa” states Disu.

“With the motto: Luxury Brands Focused Globally, Adirée TM has focused on re-branding Africa, as a destination for luxury brands, and has taken exclusive brands from Africa and placed them on nationally esteemed and recognized platforms via placements in distinguished media outlets like CNN, Elle, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more,” says Disu.

Through partnerships, quality productions, campaigns, and media placements Adirée is establishing the way consumers should view products from Africa (i.e. Made in Angola, Made in Zimbabwe, or Made in Nigeria).  Using communication strategies such as  hosting international “Africa Fashion Weeks” ignited a trend, via Adiree’s original concept of establishing and hosting African Fashion Weeks throughout fashion capitals thus birthing Africa Fashion Week throughout fashion capitals thus Africa Fashion Week New York |  London | Paris | Milan | Berlin | Tokyo.

For photos please download images here and for more information about the event please visit Harvard Africa Business Conference.

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