AFWNY designer Nadir Tati | Globe Trotter & Fashion Advocate

AFWNY designer, Nadir Tati, has been traveling the globe promoting the increased investment into the business of fashion. After participating in the USAID and Corporate Council on Africa : 8th U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Washington D.C. she headed over to her native country of Angola. Tati spoke at the second annual Fashion Business Angola which was born out of a partnership between the Luanda International Fair and the Ministry of Geology, Mining and Industry. More than 40 international designers got the chance to participate and share their views on investing in the fashion industry in Angola, focusing on the training aspect of the industry, and fashion development. Tati is an accomplished designer and businesswoman having won awards such as the “Moda Luanda” trophy and “Best Designer of the year 2010.″

Source: Angola Press
Photo: Robert Cooper

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