DO IT YOURSELF AFRICA: African Print Inspired Statement Necklace



As an artist, I love to attend Art gallery shows, visit museums, and attend those special VIP artsy parties in NYC. The problem is, depending on the event I’m not sure if I should wear crazy patterns or solid colors to blend in.

Today I am focusing on creating a statement necklace that can be worn with a very
simple, chic, monotone outfit, or if you are really inspired to be different, pair it with fun colors and patterns. This affordable, chic, African Print Inspired Statement necklace, will have all your girl friends calling you to make them one.


5 Circular Wood Beads (about the size of a garden tomato)

African Print Fabric Scraps

Fabric Glue

Colorful String (It should be able to hold the wooden beads, because they can be a bit heavy)


Paint brush



Make sure you lay down some newspaper, or work on a surface that you don’t mind getting a little messy.


1. First you want to cut up the scraps of african print fabric into 1″ rectangular strips. Small enough to just paste on the wood bead.


2. There are two ways you can use the glue:

-Either use the actual tube or bottle and apply the glue to the fabric scraps, one by one. 

-Squeeze out the fabric glue in a little cup, and use your paint brush to evenly distribute the paint onto each piece of fabric.



3. Then, stick the piece of wet fabric onto the wood bead.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you cover the entire wood bead. Continue to cover up all of the beads.

**And you can creatively arrange the colors and patterns however you would like. (Even if you want to cut out a heart and paste it on top of all the fabric so that the bead has a little design.)



5. Let all of your beads dry for 1 hour.


6. Test to see if the string that you bought is strong enough to hold the wood beads. If not take as many pieces of string and braid them (3-way braid) until the string is thick and strong enough to hold the beads.

7. Put all 5 beads on your string. Tie a knot on at the end of the string like a bow.

8. Now try on your necklace. (If it does not fit the way you like, you may adjust the string according to your preference.)

Voila! Now you are ready to go out tomorrow(FRIDAY) night!


Send us photos of your finished African Print Inspired Statement Necklace to



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