Endexus Creations: Ahead of the Curve and Saving the Earth

Endexus Creations is known for their bold, bright color pallette and for being “Proudly African, Proudly Zimbabwean.”  The designer, who showed at AFWNY 2011, has been successful in dressing some prominent figures such as Chido Dhliwayo, who was crowned the 2011 Northwest African Queen, as well as Yewande Austin, a Maryland based singer, who donned Endexus’ signature yellow and black designs during a recent performance.

In an initiative to preserve the environment and become more Eco-friendly, Endexus Creations has been working on coming up with more sustainable fashion. In their efforts, they won 1st prize for the best designed Eco-friendly garment at the Virgin Islands Fashion Week (pictured above).  Endexus is ahead of the curve in the fashion Eco-friendly world and is leading the way to a better, and more fashionable Earth.

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