Josefa Dasilva Promotes Cultural Exchange Through Fashion

AFWNY 2011 designer Josefa Dasilva’s line DMD by Mimi sports the slogan “Where Fasion Meets Revolution.”  This designer’s revolutionary fashion has been turning heads at AFWNY and at other fashion weeks around the world.

While the designer is still working on her highly anticipated Spring collection where she will continue to promote the idea that fashion design is a means through which different cultures can exchange ideas and work to understand each other a little bit more, she headed back to where she first got her start in fashion.

Fashion is in Josefa’s blood with her mother and grandmother both being entrepreneurs with their own custom designed clothing, but she did not get any formal education until she attended college. The designer attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and took a trip back for Boston Fashion Week where she once again wowed audiences with her attention to details and vibrant, colorful designs.  Cultural exchange and showing the beauty in Africa is what AFWNY is all about, and Josefa Dasilva’s designs exemplify that beautifully.

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