Grazie, Grazia!

Grazia Goes Live: We Want YOU to Choose Our Big Fashion Issue Cover!Italian-debuted Grazia weekly is set to hit South African stores for the first time. Magazine publications total to a small number of 12 for the whole country, and only two are fashion/beauty based. This lack of coverage is perfect for Grazia, because it has potential to satisfy the needs and desires of South Africa’s fashion-savvy population of women. Editor of Grazia South Africa Danielle Weakley says that the “stylish, inquisitive, and glamorous” women of South Africa are “eager for an editorial fix that’s more relevant, more up-to-the-minute and more in tune with their ever-changing tastes than a monthly…They read the monthlies, but they want more.” Grazia encompasses the “gloss of a fashion magazine with the pace of a news weekly.” Looking forward to giving it a review after it’s release date in May!

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Cut off (verb): the act of stopping the movement or supply of something.

Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

Cutoffs (noun): short pants that are made from long pants by cutting off the legs at the knees or higher.