Our Top Five International Stylist Superheroes

The life of a stylist can be pretty demanding. From styling photoshoots, requesting pulls, dodging bullets–all while balancing a load of garments in arms–it’s for certain we can call them fashion’s most sought after super heroes.

They fly through the night, saving victims from fashion calamities and rescue runways shows from evil villains like negative press reviews, and of course combine forces  with other super powers we like to call celebrities.

Their Kryptonite? Well wouldn’t you like to know!

Here’s our list of Super Hero Stylists:

  • Ugo Mozie : Nigerian Born Stylist who works International mogul. His office we believe is the sky  (pretty much)  :
  • Kim Gray : South African Stylist with affability as her middle name.  She’s done it all (blogging, styling, freelancing in several creative industries) and is extremely humble and fun!
  • Rosemary  Kokuhilwa : Tanzanian born stylist in New York – Former model and the cool cat
  • Tayo Shonekan : Nigerian Born Stylist who we like to call a powerhouse figure. She also is the owner of brand called Aimas.
  • June Ambrose : Our honorary African Stylist of the Year – Currently has her own reality show. We loved her Paper Magazine Shoot with Trina, where she placed African inspired garments with a punk rocker leather jacket- rescuing female rap star Trina from repeating her past overtly sexual style .

Who is your stylist super hero?

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