MO SAÏQUE Steps into a New Season

Africa Fashion Week New York was lucky enough to have MO SAÏQUE as one of our shoe sponsors.  For all those who got to see these stunning shoes were immediately taken by their timelessness and elegance.  We are excited to report that Afua Dabanka, the designer of Ghanian decent who is behind these gorgeous creations has finally come out with a new Fall/Winter collection called “AYA IN YOU.”  The collection was inspired by the concept of a Cosmopolitan Woman who lives a modern lifestyle filled with day to day activities from luncheon’s with friends, high powered business meetings and soirée gala’s by night.  As always the sole of each shoe is imprinted with the AYA fern, encapsulating the essence and symbolic meaning of  endurance, perseverance, & resourcefulness with another signature collection.  This season’s collection is filled with a palette of brogue greens, vintage wine’s, gold and bronze which were chosen to remind us of the crisp autumn strolls through the park, while ebony black and smoky grey suede captures alluring and mysterious nights.  You can take a look at the entire amazing collection on the MO SAÏQUE website here.

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