Parisian Fashion Starting a "REV_ELIEK_TION" in New York

Yesterday, the New York fashion scene was introduced to Parisian designer Elie Kuame’s premier couture collection at New York Fashion Fest.  The line is named REV_ELIEK_TION,  and was inspired by the words revolution, addiction and luxury. ‘Rev’ for dreams or revolution, ‘Eliek’ for Kuame’s addiction to the female body and ‘Tion’ for science and spirit of the art.  Kuame spoke about the line and said, “This collection is for the elegant, cultured professional woman who needs to transition from day to evening wear effortlessly.”  Already an accomplished wedding gown and evening wear designer that often features delicate hand-embroidery, his designs are influenced by a melting pot of cultures.  With his family lines leading back to the Ivory Coast, being born in Belgium, becoming a big part in the Parisian fashion scene and having won awards for his designs all over the world including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, China he draws inspiration from worldwide culture.

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