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AfricasTopFiveYou walk in fashion and wear fashion daily, so why not SEE the world in fashion?  While creating your Spring/Summer ‘Must Have’ list, be sure to add some hot eyewear; and of course, we have a list of choices for you!  Below are our top five African inspired eyewear designers.












1.       Bohten

Definitely a designer to keep an eye on, Nana Boateng Ose uses reclaimed material to construct eco-luxury eyewear.  Apart from the refreshing and unique wood aesthetic, we like the environmental initiative of the brand.



2.       A. Sauvage

Adrien Victor Sauvage is the force behind this irresistible brand.  Adrian began styling at the age of 19 and attracted several high-profile clients.  He quickly dove into designing menswear because he saw that the demand for it was not being met.  His spectacles, often paired with rich tuxedos, breath luxury.  I instantly see Bruno Mars wearing this brand.



3.        Textiles + Alchemy

This brand likes to be identified by two principles: deconstruction and reconstruction.  They take fabrics and transform them into well-constructed pieces of art.  Whether their frames are to be chic or fun, we like how there’s some type of African textile included within the design.




4.       Karen Walker

This renowned designer partnered with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to feature the work of Kenyan artisans, giving the world a glimpse of where work is coming from (Karen’s words).  Together, they created a 2014 eyewear collection titled ‘Visible’.  We love this project! The Kenyan designs also starred in the finished collection’s shoot.   



5.       Rebel Yuths

The Rebel Yuths’ most recent collection ‘ORISHSA’ features a dynamic array of eyewear and dancing textiles.  



I hope that you enjoyed!


by Omoefe Ajueyitsi


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