Interview with Nigerian Fashion Designer Ms. Ray Couture

The Ms. Ray Couture label tickles our fashion senses with her cool and gentle touch of elegance and luxury.

Her effortlessly fabulous pieces from her latest Spring/Summer 2015  luxury collection  ‘A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE ‘ ,  is  a breathe of fresh air;   an all white collection, with crisp accents of stone colors and silver sequin.

Soft feather-like details add texture to a few pieces while other pieces of the collection are charmed with metallic embellishments. 

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The Creative Director,  gifted Nigerian woman, Law-Student,  and former beauty queen who has captured the hearts of many during her win at Miss Africa Netherlands in 2012, Anthonia Raymond is based in Holland.  But don’t fret shoppers!  Those interested in picking up a few pieces from the recent collection, can do so online by late 2015. The online retail store will allow customers to purchase their limited editions.


However, this isn’t Raymond’s first luxury collection. In 2013, during New York Fashion Week,  she provided New York clients a show of  gody blends of gold and white, outline in bold metallic aztec-like prints, and embellished with ankara prints. A strong statement for anyone looking to heat up the fashion scene.  Check out her video clipping below:


Before the big runway show  our Director Ms. Adiat Disu was  able to sit down with this inspirational woman (part-time diva and full-time professional), and ask a few questions about her career and life. Ms. Raymond made us fall in love with her even more! Here is a snippet of her interview with us!


What is the name of your brand?

Ms. Ray Couture

Describe your business of fashion.

Ms. Ray is about allowing women to appreciate their body by making simple, classy and memorable outfits for women.

What is your background as a fashion designer?

Ms. Ray was founded a year ago by me; Anthonia Raymond,the 23 years old daughter of the late Mr. Raymond. To keep my dad close I decided to name my clothing line after him. From the age of 16 my passion for fashion started to grow little by little. I always had something with African prints and fashion but I did not pay close attention to it because I didn’t see it as something serious but rather more a hobby. I decided to focus on my fulltime law education and it was after my crowning as Miss Africa Netherlands 2012 I started putting more effort in designing. I have never been to fashion school I just simply followed my instinct and the reigning trends to later on come out with my own style.


What is your brands production process? (i.e. Do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives?)

Due to the fact that I have a hectic life of being a full time student I decided to use cooperatives to help me out, especially when the demands are high. I make sure I come up with a concept for a collection then think about it sketch the designs purchase the fabrics and do what I can do and leave the rest of the manufacturing to cooperatives.


What makes you the designer and/or your brand innovative?

Every designer has something unique and wants to show the world this unique part of them. As a designer my focus is not only on Africans but on everybody on this earth. I try as much to show diversity in my designs that send out the message that Ms. Ray is not limited to a certain race or origin.


What makes your brand luxurious?

Simple because I keep it simple, memorable and classy.


What makes your brand sustainable and/or ethical?

-My brand has a different touch compared to others, it is appealing and it is inviting for those who see it. My mission is for people to see my designs and say; yes I want that dress. I aim to let women fall in love with their body again. I want them to feel comfortable and priceless regardless of their shape regardless of what the media classifies as the perfect shape. But rather love who they are and not be afraid to flaunt their curves.


Take a look at her pieces from Africa Fashion Week, New York 2013! Enjoy the luxury that comes from this African Designer!







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