My queens and kings, meet Ruqayyah Albaari, Designer of Nebulae Jewelry. You may know or have heard her referred to as ‘Ruru Jungle’. Originally from Miami FL, she is a full time student, writer, and jewelry designer. To us she is an inspiring style dossier, hair inspiration, and amazing jewelry creator whose designs are always on point and out of this world…literally! 


1.) What is the story behind the name of your brand?


I’ve aways found what is beyond this world beautiful and mysterious. The word Nebulae, is plural for nebula, which is basically large clouds of dust and stars that look especially colorful and bright amongst such a dark background of outer space. Their sort of the decoration of space, in a way you could see them as the natural adornment of space.


2.) Describe who you are as a designer?


I hate the word “designer”. I see myself more so as someone who creates tangible objects that serve as an extension of myself and my personal aesthetic. I just sell them because I want to share my vision with anyone interested.


3.) What inspires your designs?


Definitely science, nature, textures, minimalism and the cultures of people of color from around the world. I try to gain a lot of inspiration from meaningful works of art around the globe. I was especially inspired by Aztec as well as West African art for my most recent Amoeba collection.



There you have it queens and kings. We can’t wait for her most recent collection to be released!!! Stay Tuned for more about her upcoming collection.

From headdresses, to body jewelry, even down to ear cuffs that connect to your hair, At very reasonable prices the Nebulae line is the perfect way to accessorize yourself in ways you probably never even considered.”- Unltdmgzine

Read more about her and her eccentric and alluring designs here…

Follow Her Awesome Blog, you won’t regret it: www.Eyeofruru.tumblr.com


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